A duplex house is a residential structure made up of two linked dwellings. The duplex house design allows the two apartments to be extended either next to one another, as in townhouses and condos, or one over the other.

A split-level home design often refers to one block being above the other. However, duplex house design and plans have altered to reflect current times due to breakthroughs and the growth of architectural styles.

The kitchen, hall, and bedroom are located on the ground floor. In contrast, one or two bedrooms are located on the upper floor, according to Bangladesh’s current duplex house design. Therefore, there should only be two stories in a duplex house. A triplex is a residential structure with three levels. It will be regarded as a multiplex if it has numerous stories.

Low-Cost Duplex House Design in Bangladesh

Everyone wants a lovely home within their means, but how can you make that dream a reality? Be at ease. We, Ayanabd, are here to take care of your property as a designer with a flexible budget. Just careful preparation and creative thinking are needed to make it all work.

For homeowners all around Bangladesh, we have created their ideal duplex houses. The top architects and interior designers of Ayanabd have created anything from little rooms to enormous buildings.

We specialize in creating duplex houses as Bangladesh’s top duplex home designers. Creating a split-level home is the most fascinating since there are so many opportunities to make it great. We know that developing split-level houses requires our customers and ourselves to pay close attention. As a result, we simplify things for them by outlining the important details beforehand. Our objective is to comprehend the client’s top priorities, and we fulfill their desire to own a property.

Consequently, let’s glance at the blog and our exquisitely created mid-range duplex house design in Bangladesh.

Design of A Living Room

The living room of the duplex house is where the entire family congregates and where the greatest aspects of our taste and style are displayed.

Our visitors usually take a seat in the living room first. They can tell our home is stylish and well-kept by simply glancing around. Therefore, it must be a warm and welcoming setting.

It’s okay to have an opulent living room only needs to be able to convey our actual character and the things we value most. In addition, it is a place where we feel at ease and like we belong.

We are aware of the challenges in constructing the duplex house of your dreams within our means. A budget issue is also the duplex house design. But I’m no longer bothered by it. Ayanabd has created a lovely living area that fits your budget. On a tight budget, we know how to design the interior of a room for a middle-class family. 

The top duplex house designer in Bangladesh can work within a set budget to design the interior of a mid-range duplex home.

Interior Design of Duplex House Bedrooms

You may get a ton of ideas by designing your bedroom’s decor. Unfortunately, many individuals may need to pay more attention to this. People tend to forget that here is where we begin each day. Additionally, mixing several thoughts in the same area might result in infinite ideas that ought to be avoided. When looking for an inexpensive Bangladeshi bedroom style, it is best to pick the one that suits you and stay with it.

There are various important things to think about. One of the key elements is cost, along with maintenance, toughness, etc. Pricey furniture should not be the last consideration before making a purchase. Wood is the greatest material to choose when purchasing furniture since it is strong and will last a lifetime! Here are some tips and ideas to keep in mind while altering the look of your bedroom.

Simple, affordable bedroom design for the middle class! Arrangement of a two-story, 1500 m2 middle-class home’s interior.

You need to learn how to decorate a kid’s room. So go back to how you once envisaged your room as a youngster. Additionally, we will set aside a room specifically for your kids. Children’s rooms should be colorful, imaginative, and unquestionably hip.

Children’s rooms are the pinnacle of meticulous construction, passionate conceptions, and fine taste; thus, they must be extremely in style.

It’s a wise decision to engage kids in conversation and activities. Modern kids are quite clear about what they want. Give them suggestions regarding how to style their rooms.

The greatest designs mix adult functionality and fashion with children’s creativity. Also useful are some pointers from a seasoned interior designer.

But are you seeking anything more particular? Give our experts a call, and they’ll give you some creative room ideas for your kids.

To assist you, we’ve compiled our favorite kid’s room ideas. Consider our contemporary nursery ceiling layout as you work on the space above.

Can you figure out which room in our home gets the most traffic? Yes, the kitchen area, I suppose. But have you ever wondered why kitchen design doesn’t receive the same care and consideration as other aspects of the house? Even though the kitchen is the space in our duplex houses that gets the most traffic or use!

Since homemakers spend most of their time in the kitchen, it needs special care. It should be roomy, bright, and have lots of storage.

Are you going to upgrade your wife’s kitchen first to wow her? Then, you may receive exquisite meals daily, and she will be even more astonished.

Yet how! Amazing designers at Ayanabd Interiors can create your ideal house just as you had envisioned. So get in touch with us right away.

Duplex House in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, two- and three-story modern and opulent houses are in great demand. The greatest low-cost duplex house design firm in Bangladesh is Ayanabd. Typically, a duplex house structure has only two extraordinarily architecturally stunning stories. These structures are regarded as single-family homes with aristocratic ornamentation. Depending on the interior and external architectural attractiveness and the finishing materials are chosen, these duplex houses can be inexpensive or expensive.

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The following factors determine Low-Cost Duplex House Design:

Several design and construction factors determine the price of a duplex house in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, the majority of consumers request affordable duplex house constructions. A

two-level house typically costs between Tk. 2000 and Tk. 5000 per square foot, depending on the materials used in construction. Here are the financial considerations for a split-level home.

Location of the site

The site’s location influences a duplex house’s price. For example, a two-story home is typically more costly in the city than in the country. The two key factors in this are land cost and labor cost. A duplex home in Bangladesh may cost less if indigenous materials are used. On the other hand, the price can be a little bit more than on a higher place if the planned site is on low land because the extensive sand-filling requirements increase the project’s cost. The price of a split-level home may also depend on the state of the ground. Before deciding on the final site for your house, please visit our technical staff. We constantly try to provide you with the most affordable option.


The entire area of a two-story house might affect the cost of construction. For example, a modest duplex home can be constructed with a minimum ground coverage of 750 SQ FT. This two-story home may be constructed for between 40 and 60 lakes. A beautiful two-story home, however, needs 4,000 to 5,000 square feet of land to accommodate all the latest comforts. Therefore, a luxurious duplex home of this sort may be constructed for between 2 and 10 crores. As a result, the price is based on the room’s overall size.

Finishing materials used

The use of finishing materials mostly drives the cost of a duplex house in Bangladesh. Utilizing standard finishing materials might cost you tk2000 or 3000 per square foot. If you use high-end finishing materials, the price may increase from Tk. 3000/SQ FT to Tk. 5000/SQ FT. We usually recommend using classy, mid-range materials for finishing rather than expensive ones. We constantly speak with our customers to discover their financial status simultaneously. Most importantly, we suggest making use of nearby resources.

Duplex House Design

The design idea also affects the price of a duplex house in Bangladesh. Within 40 yards of the mall, a basic duplex house may be erected at a reasonable price. Sixty varnishes. However, a lavish modern two-story home might run anywhere from Tk 2 to Tk 5 crore. The concept plan affects the costs of the design as well. Typically, it costs us between Tk. 3 Lac and Tk. 8 Lac to create a whole duplex house. Architectural, structural, electrical, plumbing, and 3D perspective views are all included in our project. If necessary, we also add landscaping.


In Bangladesh, we have created a variety of reasonably priced duplex homes to live in the lap of luxury in your ideal house. Hire the top Bangladeshi firm for duplex house design. Ayanabd has been creating opulent, contemporary duplex homes in Bangladesh for many years.

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